Family & Friends I am asking for your prayer in this journey. I tested Positive for Covid and am now able to fully share my detailed experience as I am currently going through. Yes everyone’s case is different and I felt as though mines was brutal at times but by the grace of God I’m... Continue Reading →

Dairy Free Smoothie Bowl

Hey there! Are you that person that loves dairy BUT dairy does not love you? I am! I have put together a variety of options you can swap out in place of using milk! For this smoothie bowl I used the following: •Oat milk (Trader Joe’s) •Frozen fruit variety (strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, bananas, and raspberries)... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workouts in Shefit!

This one is for the individuals who love to workout and got stumped by the corona! Recently life has taken a tragic turn in limiting the ability to be able to hit the gym on a regular! Thank God for social media and the fit bloggers that love to showcase various workouts from their own... Continue Reading →

Why I ❤️ the GYM!

Many people go to the gym for various reason! Like loosing weight, gaining muscle, as a stress reliever, or even wanting to train for an upcoming sport event. For me I go to the gym not to just lose weight and tone but it has become my daily stress reliever and I feel good once... Continue Reading →


I try to read pretty much every food I put into my system! The benefits of the food and poor ingredients! The reason why is because as I age it’s harder to maintain weight and really fit in working out consistently the way I use to! Having an idea of what you choose to put... Continue Reading →