Dairy Free Smoothie Bowl

Hey there! Are you that person that loves dairy BUT dairy does not love you? I am! I have put together a variety of options you can swap out in place of using milk! For this smoothie bowl I used the following: •Oat milk (Trader Joe’s) •Frozen fruit variety (strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, bananas, and raspberries)... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Kill Workouts💪🏾

I can definitely say ALL our New Years goals pretty much went out the window when it comes to fitness! By quarantining instead of remaining active we have been eating and sitting around the house due to work and state mandates. We learned quick that even staying active with our dogs outside did not kill... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workouts in Shefit!

This one is for the individuals who love to workout and got stumped by the corona! Recently life has taken a tragic turn in limiting the ability to be able to hit the gym on a regular! Thank God for social media and the fit bloggers that love to showcase various workouts from their own... Continue Reading →

Why I ❤️ the GYM!

Many people go to the gym for various reason! Like loosing weight, gaining muscle, as a stress reliever, or even wanting to train for an upcoming sport event. For me I go to the gym not to just lose weight and tone but it has become my daily stress reliever and I feel good once... Continue Reading →

Skincare Routine 🧼

I finally have a skincare routine and I am super excited to share! This quick and easy skincare routine will get you out the door in no time with refreshed skin!....-Cleanse using your favorite face wash! I also purchased the Solo Mio to give a deep clean! Works wonders to help scrub the dead skin... Continue Reading →

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