Family & Friends I am asking for your prayer in this journey. I tested Positive for Covid and am now able to fully share my detailed experience as I am currently going through. Yes everyone’s case is different and I felt as though mines was brutal at times but by the grace of God I’m... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Kill Workouts💪🏾

I can definitely say ALL our New Years goals pretty much went out the window when it comes to fitness! By quarantining instead of remaining active we have been eating and sitting around the house due to work and state mandates. We learned quick that even staying active with our dogs outside did not kill... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workouts in Shefit!

This one is for the individuals who love to workout and got stumped by the corona! Recently life has taken a tragic turn in limiting the ability to be able to hit the gym on a regular! Thank God for social media and the fit bloggers that love to showcase various workouts from their own... Continue Reading →

Rona’ Shut Down: keeping busy 🖊

If you’re prepping for this treacherous shutdown & wondering how to keep busy! Here is your cheat sheet: W/ others: 1. Games ——> Board games, card games, Video Games, Games on your phone 2. Communicate—-> talk! Talk about anything and everything! Plan future vacations and work on your relationships with others! 3. Cook—-> Meal prep!... Continue Reading →