Types of Domestic Violence

During this pandemic abuse victims are going through a storm that the average person would not weather in a safe haven home. Abuse statistically shows that in a crisis where the abuser can isolate their victim abuse is more prone. Here are 6 various types of abuse to keep an eye out for! Types of... Continue Reading →

HIIT Workouts in Shefit!

This one is for the individuals who love to workout and got stumped by the corona! Recently life has taken a tragic turn in limiting the ability to be able to hit the gym on a regular! Thank God for social media and the fit bloggers that love to showcase various workouts from their own... Continue Reading →

Rona’ Shut Down: keeping busy 🖊

If you’re prepping for this treacherous shutdown & wondering how to keep busy! Here is your cheat sheet: W/ others: 1. Games ——> Board games, card games, Video Games, Games on your phone 2. Communicate—-> talk! Talk about anything and everything! Plan future vacations and work on your relationships with others! 3. Cook—-> Meal prep!... Continue Reading →

Engagement Ring Worthy💍

How long should a person wait before getting engaged? Let’s rewind! Before thinking about getting engaged and being married think about how happy you are independently! Look at how you have flourished and blossomed into your own inner being. Have a plan for your future and make sure you feel comfortable with adding a person... Continue Reading →

Why I ❤️ the GYM!

Many people go to the gym for various reason! Like loosing weight, gaining muscle, as a stress reliever, or even wanting to train for an upcoming sport event. For me I go to the gym not to just lose weight and tone but it has become my daily stress reliever and I feel good once... Continue Reading →

Nails on Fleek 💅🏽

If your looking for someone to care for your nails and I mean really care for your nails I would highly recommend visiting Jason at Plush Nail Lounge in Dallas, TX! Not only does he do an amazing job at polishing your nails and giving you an excellent design of your choice, he and his... Continue Reading →

Skincare Routine 🧼

I finally have a skincare routine and I am super excited to share! This quick and easy skincare routine will get you out the door in no time with refreshed skin!....-Cleanse using your favorite face wash! I also purchased the Solo Mio to give a deep clean! Works wonders to help scrub the dead skin... Continue Reading →


I try to read pretty much every food I put into my system! The benefits of the food and poor ingredients! The reason why is because as I age it’s harder to maintain weight and really fit in working out consistently the way I use to! Having an idea of what you choose to put... Continue Reading →