Family & Friends I am asking for your prayer in this journey. I tested Positive for Covid and am now able to fully share my detailed experience as I am currently going through. Yes everyone’s case is different and I felt as though mines was brutal at times but by the grace of God I’m pulling through.

Notes: I’m 28! Healthy, & Workout!


Nov 3: I woke up at 5am like I typically do as I started two a days in the gym. Sneezing a lot! As if it were allergies. Joked I better not be coming down with something I don’t have time (Jokes on me).

Nov 4: instead of waking up at 5 I woke up at 8 and went to the gym for an hr. (Gym checks temperature using a non physical contact temperature reader). Leave gym around 10am my legs starts to ache and my eyes hurt like with the flu. Literally 15mins later I make it home, pull into the parking lot and my entire body is aching! (Yes this set in that fast!) I could barely walk up the flight of stairs and I could barely take our dog out to use the restroom I was in so much pain. I began to feel extremely hot! Like a rush of heat so I checked my temperature using a oral thermometer and it displayed 100.5. I immediately took the day off from work (virtual) and by 4pm I had a virtual appointment with my primary care doctor. He advised me to go to the er and get tested for the flu and for covid.

Same day (Nov 4): get to the hospital at 5:30pm awaiting to be tested for the flu and COVID-19. Please be aware COVID-19 patients are not identified in the hospital only by the color of your bracelet in some if you acknowledge you may have symptoms. They tell you to sit wherever. I picked my seat according to who was around. I avoided sitting next to mothers with children, children in general, and elderly patients.

Same day (Nov 4): Vitals were checked and they used the new thermometers that do not make physical contact with your skin (same system used in the GYM!); temp was 97.3. I asked her to use an oral thermometer as that one was inaccurate; she felt the need to prove a point that it’s correct and grabbed the oral thermometer. BOOM temp is now 100.9. Yes she was shocked. 🙄 other vitals were normal. She then tested me for the flu; hr later came back negative. Her doctor came out and then tested me for Covid-19 and mentioned it’ll take about 2 days for the results to come back. In the meantime they prescribed me a Zpack, extreme cough medicine and told me to pick up a pulse oximeter and that if my oxygen level dropped under 92% to come back to the ER and to quarantine and Tylenol to break the fever. They were already treating this as COVID-19 at this point.

Nov 5: I wake up in even more severe pain. (I have never felt this pain before in my life, I have nothing to compare it to) My limbs are aching, very very very weak I can barely walk, fever has not improved now sitting at 101.5, a headache/migraine that sits in the back of the head, severe chills, severe stomach cramps with EVERYTHING I eat, lost of taste & smell! By 4pm I now had the sharpest chest pains! Yes I went back to the ER. They then placed me in a room, drew blood, chest X-rays, ct scan, and a ekg. The pain felt as though I literally ate the greasiest cheeseburger there were and was having blockage sharp pains. Everytime the sharp pain hit I screamed and cried. It was so bad the doctors tried giving me an antibiotic and morphine through my iv line. It didn’t work it just made me loopy. While still pending my results there was nothing the hospital knew to do so they sent me home with an inhaler.

Nov 6: COVID-19 test was positive. I received a phone call by the hospital letting me know I tested positive and I could barely hold my phone yet alone text. At this point I became so fragile and I had to give all emergency contacts to my boyfriend to keep my family in the loop of my overall state.

Symptoms: Extremely weak (couldn’t stand for longer than 2mins), nauseous, migraine, high fever still!, hot and cold, muscular pain. Muscular pain feels like someone squeezing your bones at all times. The only thing that takes the pain away is Tylenol! With this it made it hard for me to lay down, sit, stand, and just exist. Come to find out the sharp pains I was experiencing was also “muscular pain”.

(Thank God for my older sister being in the medical field and for having my boyfriend speak through her for me to the doctors in the hospital! If you have family in this field and your experiencing anything like this trust me their guidance is what you need! She told my boyfriend what to do and he followed and I am now recovering fully. Slowly but surely.)

Nov 7: same status. Slept every hour. I didn’t even realize a full day went by.

Nov 8: same status. I could not leave the bed as I was physically drained.

Nov 9: A breakthrough. Cold sweats and fever starts to play around. Tested 99.5 in the morning and 100.8 near night.

Nov 10: can walk, no more chills or hot flashes, new very minor cough, no more body aches, fever fluctuations, can text, low energy, headache almost gone, can eat, can stay up most of the day without napping.

Present: current state: regaining strength, can walk more, taste & smell only STRONG scents like peppermint.

Items needed: Tylenol, Water- HYDRATE!, Soup, Crackers, ORAL THERMOMETER ONLY, inhaler, ginger ale, I did Gatorade occasionally, and rest!

My sister told me the key was to keep moving! If you settle and lay down all day the virus will begin to take over your body. She challenged me to get up every hour and walk around the bed! Of course I struggled but I refused to let it get the best of me!

Please stay safe everyone! Everyone’s experiences are different!

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