Bored Dogs?- Bear Creek Water Dog Park

OMG! Do you have a bored dog that whimpers when he has NOTHING to do and is skeeming to get into trouble! Ha! Well we have an Australian Shepard “Aussie” named Sammie who is just like that and a Yorkshire Terrier “Yorkie” named Khloe’ who is the total opposite!

One day we were coming back from Southlake and happened to see water spouts coming from a fire hydrant while a bunch of dogs were playing in it and saw the sign for water park. The next day we decided to take our pups!

Having the dogs there wore them out! Sammie had a blast with playing with the other dogs, running back and forth, playing fetch, and sitting in the water to cool off in the hot sun! For us adults we can play fetch with the dogs, train our dogs with distractions, or sit under the canopy section they have for us.

We stayed almost all day until it began to rain. The dogs definitely did not want to go! Luckily we brought towels to dry them off with before getting them into the car. Would highly recommend taking your pet to Bear Creek Park if you live in the DFW!

Bored/Busy dog: CONSIDER THIS!

-Buy a kong & stuff it with various treats! You can even use peanut butter and freeze it!

-Buy rope toys they will entertain themselves!

-Take your dog on active walks to tire them out

-Meet for dog play dates

-Buy large bones with meat to keep them busy! They have them at PetSmart or even Pet Supplies Plus ranging from $4-$8

-Teach them new tricks buy using a variety of treats! This keeps them entertained and expecting a different treat each time!

Store Recommendations:

-Homegoods: cheap and very nice dog gear, food, bins, treats, toys, clothing, shampoo & conditioner, and even dog beds!

-Pets Supplies Plus & PetSmart: Great for treats & some toys can get a little pricey

-Ross & TJ MAX: Good for dog beds, bins, treats, clothing, and some toys

Check out these places/ ideas and let me know what you think!

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