Quarantine Kill Workouts💪🏾

I can definitely say ALL our New Years goals pretty much went out the window when it comes to fitness! By quarantining instead of remaining active we have been eating and sitting around the house due to work and state mandates. We learned quick that even staying active with our dogs outside did not kill fat the same as being in an actual gym! We both feel like we have put on weight and by the look of the scale it’s confirmed. Yikes!

To kickstart our weight loss babe decided to buy a weighted vest (Vmax Weighted Vest) and a training face mask (Training Mask) that would challenge his breathing while running and walking; this allowed his adrenaline to pump quicker and allowed him to actually break a sweat when walking. Prior he would never sweat! I don’t get it! I walk for 30 minutes and 5 mins into the workout I’m drenching!

The goal is to push your body harder while working out by introducing challenges like the weighted vest and the breathing mask. In seeing my weight climb I decided to tag alongside babe to challenge my body by purchasing a weighted vest (Henkelion Weighted Vest) as well! I will say I highly recommend the vest! His vest allows for adjustments to the weights so you can build up to the heaviness of 45lbs whereas mines is a standard 10lbs.

Will keep you updated on our journey! Just thought I’d drop some gems for enhancing your workouts as Covid changes seem to be the new norm! Take care of yourselves!

XOXO- Nicolete

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  1. The quarantine really messed up my plans. Although my goal to go vegan wasn’t interrupted, I’m just now getting my workout schedule back on track. It’s amazing what a jump rope and some resistance bands can accomplish. The vest and face mask sound really interesting. Looking forward to seeing updates and your results.

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