Blood & Water- A Netflix Original Series (2020)

If you are looking for a new drama filled show, then you should definitely check out the new hit Netflix series “Blood & Water”. It’s second season is already in the works from making such a powerful statement with its first season!

Blood & Water is a show based out of South Africa where a teenage girl lives in the shadows of her older sister that disappeared at a young age and her family struggles with the idea of moving on.

This show has so many twist and turns! As the teenager searches for her older sister she pushes for her family to move on rather than living in the past. As her parents began to move on she avoids telling her parents her findings until she can piece the case together with key details and straight facts; like DNA.

If you love drama, secrecy, and more; then this show is for YOU! This show is so explosive I immediately binged watched the entire series within two days! The show also has amazing music showcased throughout the series. I continuously find myself dancing and shazaming to keep up with the artist. What a great way to grow your music list!

Let me know your thoughts on the series below!

Characters: —> Khosi, Kale, Natasha, Shamilla, & Ama

Xoxo- Nicolete

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