My Quarantine Nails- Press Ons Please💅🏽

Designer: Glam Nails by Chanel

Before this pandemic I was a regular at the nail salon. I regularly got mani’s and pedi’s to not only keep myself up but to enjoy my self care time and relax about every 3-4 weeks.

When the pandemic hit I cut my nails as short as possible and got the typical mani with dipped powder polish. As my nails began to grow out I figured I minus well purchase acetone to soak the dipped powder off and use regular nail polish for the time being. This was a HORRIBLE transition. Regular polish was NOT the same. It does not last long and if you are a very active person your nails begin to chip within a matter of two days.

I saw a post from an old school mate that posted about press on nails. I checked her website out and saw how fast her clientele was growing with the positive reviews people were leaving. After reviewing her website “Glam Nails By: Chanel” I found she created custom nails! Not only that! She makes the custom design you want and then names them after you on her website! I said SIGN ME UP! This is unheard of and Amazing!

I reached out to her and sent three pics to choose from! I decided since I couldn’t choose between two that I would have two out of the three pics I sent custom made. When the nails arrived I ran to the mailbox and opened my package. My glorious custom made nails came in less than a week and were stunning! I also ordered her nail sizing kit to make sure the next order I placed I would have an exact fit to my nails.

My overall experience has been outstanding and I would highly recommend! Customer service is outstanding! I will not be visiting a nail salon for the rest of the year due to keeping myself out of high traffic areas as the spread of the virus continues to shift across the globe. Check out her page and let me know your experience! You will not regret it! Xoxo

Glam Nails By Chanel Link:


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