Types of Domestic Violence

During this pandemic abuse victims are going through a storm that the average person would not weather in a safe haven home. Abuse statistically shows that in a crisis where the abuser can isolate their victim abuse is more prone. Here are 6 various types of abuse to keep an eye out for!

Types of Abuse

There are six different types of abuse and can affect anyone in various ways. These are physical, sexual, emotional-verbal, mental, financial, and cultural.


Physical abuse is self explanatory. A person is attacked physically and typically have marks left on the body. Sometimes a person may not have physical signs of abuse forming right away or at all. For me I have had scraps and bruises on my arms and legs. I have even had a line on the back of my neck from when I was strangled multiple times for days sometimes even weeks. Physical abuse is crucially dangerous and can sometimes even result in death. Protect yourself from an abuser at all cost. Once in the situation take pictures, leave the individual, and report it to the authorities as well as individuals with whom you trust. Secretly record videos and audio of the abuse as evidence. It is better someone close to you is on your side and have seen the end result of the abuse; they may be able to vouch for you if needed when going to court.


This is when a person is forcefully taken advantage of and the abuser either rapes, use a sexual toy, or even use sex as a weapon. Sex can be used as a weapon against the individual by the abuser making verbal statements stating the individual is only good for sex or not good enough for sex. Sexual abuse is also a form of physical abuse. In this situation I would advise reporting the event to the appropriate authorities and to also keep a journal of whom, when, and where the sexual act occurred. Leave the situation and protect yourself. This information is easier said then done for most individuals. You are not alone and can reach out to community representatives that can help you with your situation.


Verbal and emotional abuse is when the abuser treats the individual as if they are not human. Words are used to slander, violate, and downsize the individual. It becomes an emotional war for the abuser. Overtime this act puts a strain on the individuals well-being and sanity. Most times an abusers words become the weapon and they feel as though the individual believes them. For time the individual does believe the abuser until one day courage is built up over time. In some cases the individual never leaves the situation and in others courage and hope for a better life leads them astray. In my case my abuser consistently put me down. Time and time again he would criticize my weight, however would not like for me to workout. He consistently put me down until one day I fought back. I decided enough was enough and until I got the strength to leave the relationship he became physical when I began to defend myself.


In a mental abuse situation the abuser does not like to own up to their wrongdoings and tells the individual they will not be believed when telling others about the abuse. This is the classic tactic almost every abuser uses. After reading a passage within the “REACH” blog I questioned myself if this has happen to me and it has. The article states how the abuser will move items within the house and even outside of the house like a car and blame the victim for forgetting. This tactic is used to make the individual feel lost and to feel as though they cannot make the correct sound judgment so they have to rely on their abuser more and more overtime.


Financial abuse is EXACTLY how it sounds! The abuser takes control of the finances and all the money within the house including yours! Yup! This happened to me. My ex would send me to the store and give me a balance to not go over and to get items exactly how they were on the list. Better not come back with various items not included or another type of brand other then Delmonte canned veggies; there would be a serious problem. I worked and at times he did not so this made the situation frustrating. He would steal my debit card and spend it on items he wanted. There were times I would try to retrieve the card back and he assaulted me a couple times in the process. I began opening a secret account and hiding my new card so that he could not obtain MY money. Yes, This caused a rift however I needed a roof over my head, food, and damn sure hated him using MY earned money on his kids or illegal substances. If you are in this situation document document document… and file a police report for future references. The purpose of this is to control your every move. DO NOT LET YOUR ABUSER CONTROL YOUR MONEY!


This subject is dealing with the individuals identity and threatening an individual to use their identity as a punishment. This could be a person of a different race and may not receive fair treatment within a group of friends lets say; because the individual does not want to disclose this information the abuser does it anyways to purposely offend the victim. Another example is gender identity being used against the victim that is not wanting to display their true identity to a particular person.


No form of abuse is good abuse. You always want to be in control of your own life and make good decisions based on your own judgement. Everyone deserves this right! Report all abuse accordingly and stand up for yourself as well as others that may be in harms way. Beware of all signs that may display abuse in another person. If you are the person involved in this situation make a sound judgement as to when you feel safe in gaining the courage to leave.

XoXo- nicolete.w

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