HIIT Workouts in Shefit!

This one is for the individuals who love to workout and got stumped by the corona!

Recently life has taken a tragic turn in limiting the ability to be able to hit the gym on a regular! Thank God for social media and the fit bloggers that love to showcase various workouts from their own homes.

More recently I took to social media the love I have for my high intensity Shefit sports bra. For years I cheered and doubled up on sports bras to limit the amount of pain my breast would take as an impact when I landed from a flip. Running and throwing stunts in the air began to play a large role in the need to double up.

All these years later and I decided to take the leap of faith from Nike and Under Armor to try Shefit. I’ve used these bras as I have transformed into my in home HIIT workouts! Let me tell yah these bras have been super comfortable and of great support! I would high recommend!

HIIT workouts- I am so in love with these new workouts as they are about 30-40 minutes long of high intensity workouts! Various short circuits in a short span of time! While completing these movements I am literally burning a substantial amount of calories and sweating as if I jumped in a pool. These workouts are challenging and are meant to challenge you in a good way. They also give modifications to certain full out positions; for example push ups can be made easier by bringing your knees to the ground! In between circuits there are breaks and breaks within the circuits as well for a shorter length of time.

Looking for a new sports bra! I would recommend Shefit all the way! Looking for a challenging in home workout definitely do a HIIT workout to see how you love your results! Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “HIIT Workouts in Shefit!

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  1. I’ll have to try shefit. I’ve never heard of them before. I’ve always had Under Armour or Nike but they can get a bit pricey. I’m determined to lose some weight during this pandemic. I need to lose at least ten pounds before life gets back to normal. I’ve loved HIIT workouts for many years. The Shaun T videos (T25 and Insanity) are some of the most challenging. I’m glad you’re staying motivated during all of this. For me, I’ve really had to fight the urge to sit around and eat snacks.

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    1. Omg I have always been so nervous to try Shaun T. Versions as he is definitely intense! She fit is amazing! You will absolutely love!!! ❤️i also have to fight the urge of sitting around as well and eating snacks! You got this! Stay strong 💪🏾


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