Rona’ Virus: Why the shutdown can take longer!

Due to many people becoming infected by the coronavirus massive corporations and tiny businesses have decided to shut down in order to slow/deteriorate the massive number of people that can get sick at one time. Millennials have never seen the world like this! The virus is such a threat to the human population that other countries have even shut down their businesses and completely stopped movement by enforcing a mandatory shutdown for EVERYONE! Countries like the Unites States began to follow suit to an extent.

United States Issue: The issue with our nation is that EVERYONE is not forced to close their business doors if deemed essential! (Say WHAT!) Yes! You heard that right. Logically deemed “essential” meaning their business can remain open if they have the ability to prove that their business supports the need to stay open and offers the population products essential to life.

The Department of Homeland Security provided a letter to all businesses asking them to shut their doors due to the mandatory shut down unless they can prove their company falls under a particular category. Most businesses like “Michael’s Craft Store, Behr Paint Company, Carvana Vending Machines are a few that have provided their employees with currier letters to provide to police offers in the event they were stopped on their way to work.

Currier Letters: These letters “prove” that their company money comes before the employee. Logically speaking a craft store should not remain open during an pandemic as it is not deemed essential to life. Schools have closed across the country and minor crafts can be found in your local grocery stores while shopping for food at Walmart and/or Target.

We missed the mark on protecting our own country with allowing businesses like “Behr Paint Company” to keep their employees within stores when they have the capability to work virtually from their own homes! Paint is not an essential need for human life and does nothing but keep the virus rotating even longer. Companies like this should be fined for allowing them to find loop holes within the Department of Homeland Security “Deemed Essential Services” to life letter.

We all cannot stand a company who is solely for their money verses the essential life of a persons well being. These stores should be boycotted, fined, mandatory shutdown, and provide a public apology for the lives they put at risk; which is the entire nation. Visit the link below for more stores that continue to get away with keeping their business open during this crucial time!


Stay Safe! -Nicolete

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  1. You’re absolutely right! It’s terrible that these businesses are more focused on money than on the well-being of people. But I’m not surprised. I just read that the NRA is suing the government for deeming gun stores as non-essential and forcing them to close down. This virus is showing the true colors of people. It’s forcing all of us to take a good look in the mirror and analyze our priorities.

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