Rona’ Shut Down: keeping busy 🖊

If you’re prepping for this treacherous shutdown & wondering how to keep busy! Here is your cheat sheet:

W/ others:

1. Games ——> Board games, card games, Video Games, Games on your phone

2. Communicate—-> talk! Talk about anything and everything! Plan future vacations and work on your relationships with others!

3. Cook—-> Meal prep! Cook unique dishes using Pinterest or youtube! Find easy recipes and recreate them to your liking!

Alone: (w/others)

1. Coloring—-> coloring books or coloring on your phone using an app like (Happy Color-—> or Pigment—-> More in your App Store! Most Are Free*

2. Games——> Crossword Puzzles, Video games,

3. Fitness——> If your a gym freak like me I would highly not recommend going to the gym of any kind as of now! Use fitness apps, social media fit influencers, or YouTube as needed for inspiration to workout within your home! Pinterest is also highly recommended for fitness inspiration & tips! Check out my fitness wall for anywhere fitness techniques—->

4. Watch—-> Catch up on your television shows, enjoy a movie or two or ten!

5. Pet(s)—-> Teach them new techniques like learning to sit, wait, eat, & more! YouTube is your friend as well as Pinterest! These sites have incredible tips on how to train your pup!

6. Read—-> read a book of your interest! It’s time consuming! Pick a book that will teach you something. Read a magazine & if your religious the Bible!

7. Clean—-> clean your entire house! From top to bottom! Now is the time to deep clean, sanitize, dust, & throw away or donate any items you no longer want or need! Organize everything!

8. Rest—-> catch up on sleep! With this time change I have been struggling to get a good nights rest! Nap whenever you are tired and sleep in during the mornings if you can! Take a bath, kick back, & have a glass of wine!

9. Catch up—-> catch up on work or homework from school. Study for your exam! Begin planning your next move for your corporate job, business, or life!

10. Kid Friendly—-> Pinterest for ideas on how to create fun for children while at home! Check out this board of mines “Kid Fun” —-> for inspiration

2 thoughts on “Rona’ Shut Down: keeping busy 🖊

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  1. I’ll definitely be doing several of these activities. I’ve already started watching old movies that I haven’t seen in years. Also, trying to workout in my garage is a lot more convenient than going to the gym. Hopefully I can be more consistent and actually lose some weight. I often forget about how fun simple card and board games can be. Trouble and Monopoly are my favorites and Phase 10 can take hours to finish. I’m thankful I don’t have to entertain kids right now. My heart goes out to all of the parents. I just can’t do it. Great list!


    1. Awesome!!!! I am glad you will be putting some of these recommendations into practice!! If only I had a garage I would definitely be out there everyday!!! I’m not quite sure if I could deal with a child during these times either!!!! Stay safe out there!!


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