Engagement Ring Worthy💍

How long should a person wait before getting engaged?

Let’s rewind! Before thinking about getting engaged and being married think about how happy you are independently! Look at how you have flourished and blossomed into your own inner being. Have a plan for your future and make sure you feel comfortable with adding a person that will help you achieve your current and future goals by being there for you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Yes! Eventually financially.

Once you are comfortable with who you are the individual you choose to become involved with should compliment you and vice versa! You and this person should have a full understanding as to what both future goals entail.

Communication is key to a successful and long term relationship. When you talk with your partner they should hear you out. They should never make you feel alone, annoyed, or angry for bringing up any topic for discussion. Speak up when something hurts you or when you do not like something. Never argue you should be able to agree to disagree if you both cannot come to a common ground.


I personally feel that after about 2 years you fully know an individual and you know whether or not if you can tolerate an individual for the long haul. The man you want to marry should be who you would want your children to look up to and character traits you would not mind them having.

While dating both individuals should be on the same page as to what the end goal is. If your end goal is to get married and start a family with a man then the person you are involved with should know this from the beginning. I do not believe in waiting for a person if he/she is not ready for marriage. When one person is not willing another one is; no one should ever waste your time or ever have that much power to make you wanna wait.

End result!

If you two love each other, the relationship is great; meaning few disagreements, communication is good, and that person is your best friend, then why not get married and start another chapter of your life? Your lover should want to do these things on their own and explain if they are waiting due to a financial burden or a family crisis. Know the difference between someone wanting to wait due to an extreme situation verses wasting your time. If excuses continue to roll every time you bring up the idea of marriage and your way over that 2 year mark it’s time to ask yourself are you good with never getting married and staying with this person or are you ready to find your worth and marry someone that’s willing to give you what you desire!



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