Why I ❤️ the GYM!

Many people go to the gym for various reason! Like loosing weight, gaining muscle, as a stress reliever, or even wanting to train for an upcoming sport event.

For me I go to the gym not to just lose weight and tone but it has become my daily stress reliever and I feel good once done!

There are so many benefits to the gym as well; like reducing the risk of chronic illnesses, helping with brain health and memory, skin health, reducing pain, better sex life, and the list goes on!

The gym is my outlet and comfort zone where I can focus on myself and work to be stronger, better physically and mentally. I focus on obstacles in my life and honestly think through situations while on the treadmill or either the elliptical!

Most people feel like the gym is time consuming when in reality you only need to dedicate 30mins to cardio. This will boost your heart rate and help you shed pounds. By focusing on cardio daily for 30-40mins I was able to drop 2-3lbs a day. Of course you need to watch what you eat daily and consuming the average amount of water.

A little change to your diet can go a long way. Make healthy choices and continue to push yourself into the gym or even outside for a quick jog or run. The best way to keep the weight off is to Atleast workout 3-4x per week and clean eating.

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