Nails on Fleek 💅🏽

If your looking for someone to care for your nails and I mean really care for your nails I would highly recommend visiting Jason at Plush Nail Lounge in Dallas, TX!

Not only does he do an amazing job at polishing your nails and giving you an excellent design of your choice, he and his team care for your natural nail bed. Meaning they focus on growing your natural nails to be healthy by producing positive growth for your natural length while also making them stronger. Isn’t this what EVERYONE wants!? I know I do! Whew*

This up and coming Dallas salon that has revamped from a previous owner and name has so much to offer! Various pedicures within reasonable prices as well as manicures and waxing. I can tell yah I was surprised to pick out a toe nail polish from their new line that once it’s applied the toe nail polish dries instantly; meaning I can say goodbye to those flimsy flip flops we’re typically given!

To book your appointment visit the link below and let me know your thoughts! Enjoy 10% off Monday through Thursday appointments! Take a look at my nails at the link below it! They glow in the dark 😆


——> (My nails)

——> Plush Instagram:

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