Skincare Routine šŸ§¼

I finally have a skincare routine and I am super excited to share! This quick and easy skincare routine will get you out the door in no time with refreshed skin!
-Cleanse using your favorite face wash! I also purchased the Solo Mio to give a deep clean! Works wonders to help scrub the dead skin away and also helps with blood flow within the face. Rinse using cold water!
Link to SOLO Mio – Sonic Facial Brush, Cleanser & Massager
-You can either use your Vitamin C serum and massage it over your face or you can use your toner first! Either way let one dry before using the other.

Link to Urban Skin Rx- Vitamin C Serum Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Super Glow Serum 0.5 fluid ounce

Toner- Aloe & Rosewater Tonic Toner Pearlessence Aloe + Rosewater Tonic Water Face Mist, 8 oz

Once complete use a moisturizer on your face and let dry!

Lightweight Moisturizer: Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Neutrogena Oil-Free Daily Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin, Ultra-Gentle & Lightweight Moisturizers Free of Fragrances & Dyes, 4 fl. oz

This is a quick skincare routine that is used twice daily!

On Sundays skip using the Solo Mio and cleanse using your hands! Next do a face mask and continue with the remaining steps!

Face Mask: Herbalife Purifying Mint Clay Mask

Skin Purifying Mint Mask Clay Mask

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