I try to read pretty much every food I put into my system! The benefits of the food and poor ingredients! The reason why is because as I age it’s harder to maintain weight and really fit in working out consistently the way I use to! Having an idea of what you choose to put in your body can help you manage your body fat as well as energy and metabolism levels.

Check out the amazing benefits I read on the iQ Bars and find out why I am ecstatic to try!

IQ BARs are meticulously formulated around six nutrients shown to support sustained cognitive energy, performance, and health.

Benefits Linked with MCTs

  • Sustained, slow-burning mental energy.
  • Improved short-term memory recall.
  • Improved learning ability and attention.
  • Protection against brain cell damage.
  • For more visit the site below!

All information is courtesy of and based on the scientific findings conducted by the company. Head on over for your free trial!

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