My Khloe’ is a 23 week year old Yorkshire Terrier pup that I purchased from a breeder in Canton, TX; August 1, 2019 is the exact date. For years I have wanted a specific Yorkie because they are tiny and can be taken literally EVERYWHERE. I never acted on purchasing a pup until starting therapy and my therapist recommended an emotional support dog as a healing mechanism from the spousal abuse I had previously endured.

After doing research on multiple breeders and false hopes with a potential seller a previous coworker and friend of mine recommended Canton Trading Days to scout breeders for Yorkie’s. That’s where I collected breeder cards and reached out to find the best Yorkie for me. I ran into a place called “T’s Chi’s Kennel” in Dangerfield, TX; reached out to the owner and within the next month there was a litter available. Khloe’ was discovered at 1.2lbs and sold to me.

As a new fur Mom I have gone through trials and tribulations like any new fur Mom would. I have gone through the lethargic phase where she had to be rushed to the pet hospital for going too long without enough sugar, teething, and now potty training along with working on her mannerisms to be in a public place and act accordingly.

Since I have had Khloe’ she has turned heads by many with her larger than life personality and cute looks in a 4.6lb body. She has a lot of learning to do and has helped me in my down times. She brightens my day when I come home from work by attacking and licking me to let me know she missed me and being a cuddle partner when I am down. It’s like she knows.

I would highly recommend getting a fur baby if you are struggling with depression or just do not like coming home to quietness and want a little extra vibe in your life other than children.

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