Her Growing Hands 🤲🏾

3 month update!

🖐🏾 Her Growing Hands 🖐🏾
For months I have been trying to find the absolute BEST hairstylist in the DFW Area and I have been stalking the @hergrowinghands Instagram page! 👀 EVERY single photo of clients hair are BEYOND Amazing! What really got me was the owners hair! “Flawless, long, natural, well kept!” The list goes on! After experiencing many bad hairstylist and leaving a good one in Oklahoma years ago I finally got the courage to book @iamsumner at “Her Growing Hands” the Dallas location!
Going into the salon I was super excited and she as well as her co workers made me feel welcomed! My hair was a tragedy and I left looking like a model!

The process: EVERY step of the way she informed me what was wrong with my hair! Cuticle, shaft, split ends, you name it! She also told me how to wrap my hair, when and how often to wrap my hair, what to expect in the coming weeks, what oils to buy and how to apply them!, she took videos and pictures of my hair throughout the process for me to have over the time I’ll be getting my hair done so that I can see growth and healthy hair from my first visit! Instead of leaving not knowing how to style my hair like a bomb stylist I left knowing what to do to my hair to keep it 110% healthy! It was like I went to school to get educated on my natural hair! 🙌🏾

3 month update:

I have since been back and am in love with their process! The stylist know their ish and definitely support healthy hair! I have booked hairstylist “Porschea” ig: @Porscheathestylist and she is AMAZING!

Hair care, products, instructions and advice on dry scalp! Anything you name it these stylist have the solution to help! My hair has grown since my last visit as you can tell in the picture above! I am forever a client!

Recommend: Absolutely! You will NOT be disappointed! Thank me later! 💁🏽‍♀️

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