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Hi Everyone, My name is Nicolete and some people call me "Nicco" for short. Currently I am 27 years old with no kids and reside in Texas. This blog is to introduce raw material regarding relationship abuse as I am a survivor as well as showcase lifestyle and fitness. This blog will also feature discussions... Continue Reading →

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Family & Friends I am asking for your prayer in this journey. I tested Positive for Covid and am now able to fully share my detailed experience as I am currently going through. Yes everyone’s case is different and I felt as though mines was brutal at times but by the grace of God I’m... Continue Reading →

Spiked Apple Cider 🍁

Want a little warm beverage to go along with that pumpkin carving contest, late night conversation by the fire, or even just to chill? Check out this recipe! Items: -Crockpot, Apple Cider, Whole Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, Jamaican Rum, Orange, Crisp Apple Directions: Simple! Cut up 1 orange & 1 crisp apple. Turn the crockpot onto... Continue Reading →

Behind the MOVEMENT.

#myblmstory #myblmstorychallenge Maybe you’ll understand more when you know our stories; here’s mine... Black lives matter because it is more than racism, there are no handouts, there are no shortcuts, it is more than the color of our skin, the way we dress, the way we cook, it’s hardcore and rough, but this is MY... Continue Reading →

Dairy Free Smoothie Bowl

Hey there! Are you that person that loves dairy BUT dairy does not love you? I am! I have put together a variety of options you can swap out in place of using milk! For this smoothie bowl I used the following: •Oat milk (Trader Joe’s) •Frozen fruit variety (strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, bananas, and raspberries)... Continue Reading →

Bored Dogs?- Bear Creek Water Dog Park

OMG! Do you have a bored dog that whimpers when he has NOTHING to do and is skeeming to get into trouble! Ha! Well we have an Australian Shepard “Aussie” named Sammie who is just like that and a Yorkshire Terrier “Yorkie” named Khloe’ who is the total opposite! One day we were coming back... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Kill Workouts💪🏾

I can definitely say ALL our New Years goals pretty much went out the window when it comes to fitness! By quarantining instead of remaining active we have been eating and sitting around the house due to work and state mandates. We learned quick that even staying active with our dogs outside did not kill... Continue Reading →

Black Owned Lip Gloss Line:

Shop: I’M GLOSSY Owner: Bryce Odom Remember the days when lip gloss was poppin? Well it never went away! I sat down with owner: Bryce Odom to find out why she decided to create and build a lip gloss line! Bryce is a 17 year old African American teenager that has started her brand to... Continue Reading →